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Themes and objectives

ContextThe paradigm of Personal Cloud promises a Privacy-by-Design storage and computing platform, where each individual can bring together their complete digital environment in one place and share it with applications and users, while maintaining their control. The goal of PETRUS is to meet the challenges of private life and some security from the personal cloud of a architectural point of view.


Research program. PETRUS studies four lines of research:

1- Personal cloud server architectures using trusted runtimes

2- Privacy models and security guarantees

3- Evaluation of global distributed queries

4- Economic, legal and societal issues


Software activity. We structure our software activity around a single common platform (rather than isolated demonstrators), integrating our main research contributions. The heart of our personal cloud architecture today is structured around the platform PlugDB.


More information about the PETRUS team: PETRUS website



Seminars / Conferences